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What is condensation and how does it occur?


Condensation occurs when the moisture vapour levels in the dwelling are too much for the internal atmosphere to carry it in the air. As the dwelling cools down overnight, the moisture vapour falls from the air and condensates on the coldest surfaces in the room or property, often condensating on windows (the coldest surfaces can be ceilings without insulation, windows, areas behind beds and other furniture, mattress etc.). Once condensation forms, mould will follow.


Get rid of condensation forever


Condensation is simple to get rid of and erradicating condensation involves the use of sophisticated drying tehcniques in the short term and then added heat and ventilation in the long term. It is possible to erradicate condensation overnight and we have done this on many occasions. Dampco can get rid of condensation in any dwelling easily.





The excess moisture in the dwelling must first be removed and the moisture levels reduced to manageable ones. All properties carry moisture and moisture is built up by everyday activities like cooking, washing, showering and even breathing. Thed rying of any property is undertaken using dehumidifiers and air movement, combined with added heat. The heat and airmovement aids in evaporation whilst the dehumidifiers convert moisture vapour to liquid moisture and deposit the liquid externally.




Ventilation must be added to the dwelling to ensure moisture does not become trapped moving forward. This can involve simply opening windows and doors frequently, adding passive ventilation in the walls of the affected rooms or ading forced ventilation into the walls or ceiling of the dwelling.





By raising the core temperature of any building and not allowing it to reach low temperatures overnight, condensation issues can be reduced and even sometimes eliminated through the use of heat. Typically we find that adding heat will slow the impact of condensation but not stop it altogether. So added heat combined with ventilation is the perfect solution to condensation.

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